What will TTNCars provide at launch?

With TheToken.Network (TTN) launching its first DeFi to real world bridging liquidity pool, TTNCars will go live and become the gateway between the TTN ecosystem and TTN financing & service partners. If you are looking to finance a used car, you can expect the following benefits:

  • easy financing with individual solutions even for very low credit score cases
  • low-cost bridge financing for short term financing needs
  • best conditions for the most desired models on the market

Additionally, TTNCars will launch its premium service TTNCars Private – dedicated to the absolute high-end that the automotive world has to offer. Over the next weeks, only Europe’s finest luxury car dealers will bring exclusive offers to TTNCars Private. One of the added value services our users can enjoy is the availability of the world’s first totally secure NFTs connected to a real world asset. Some of the vehicles offered in TTNCars Private will automatically have this feature included, in other cases, we will provide it upon request. More details regarding these unique state of the art NFTs will be published here shortly.

TTNCars will provide customized services for digital asset holders that like to use their values either to purchase a vehicle or collateralize at zero cost for most favourable financing conditions.